Wanderlust Duffel Bag

Wanderlust Duffel Bag

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Our first duffle bag came as an expression of excitement, anticipation, amazement and joy, all emotions that abound when we travel to a new place. Our aim was to create a simple yet modern looking travel bag, by using strong and thick leather. Accessories made of natural thick leather are often created as “crafted” products that highlight the expressiveness of the material. For a contemporary, modern traveler designing a solid leather product, with simple, neutral presence is a difficult task. We invested the bag with delicate but solid detailing, as well as a sense of organic completeness. For the finish we applied an original beeswax blend. This enables the unique beauty of the natural leather as it ages to be fully enjoyed. With careful consideration to durability, the bag was created to achieve harmony between visual design and traveling experience.

This is precisely the kind of bag we wished to create, one with continuous never-ending story.



  • 1 large compartment
  • 3 inside pockets, one with zipper.
  • 1 outside pocket, with zipper.
  • Fully lined.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.


  • L:45cm x W:25cm x H:23cm
  • L:17.7in x W:9.8in x H:9in