Minimalist leather accessories

Ready-made and personalized accessories that shape space into realistic life. 

Philosophy behind the creation

We make accessories that create space with their presence. Through our products we promote the combination of a modern design with traditional materials and techniques. We aim to capture the essence of objects and combine design elements that have a simple grace, which is the principle behind our production process. We would like to convey unique personality with each of our products by pursuing simplicity in our own style. We highly value the intrinsic qualities of things, and we incorporate personality into the design of each piece. 


Estradi helped me to make an excellent present for my man. They (actually Tatiana) were so attentively from the first stag, when we chose the leather and the details (even the thread color) to the last one, when she explained how to take care of the leather and that certain bag.
The bag was made professional and the celebrated one was more than happy to receive it.
Highly recommend Estradi! It worth it!


Very good quality leather bag (I have Leo briefcase in cognac). An equal type and quality from another brand would be 1000-1500 EUR (which is only paying for the brand) so this bag, beside being well crafted, functional and durable, will not make a hole in your pocket. Win-win!:)